Tooth Bridge It

Your DIY Temporary Tooth Replacement system

Tooth Bridge It Kit - Multi Tooth

Tooth Bridge It Kit - Multi Tooth
$ 49.40

Missing a tooth? 

Replace It Yourself.


In this day and age of “do-it-yourself” philosophy and limited budgets, here is a way to replace your missing tooth, or teeth, without a trip to the dentist. This powerful kit provides all the needed materials that allow you to create a beautiful "Temporary Bridge for yourself in a simple, effective, efficient and safe manner.  All the tools are provided in the kit with full instructions, including the new Bio-Logical Glue, our L-POP adhesive. View all three of the videos for full details on “how to.”  The Kit is designed by a currently practicing dental surgeonan inventor and innovator in the profession of dentistry.   The kit is available today for only $49.40.  Order Now.                              Express your CREATIVITY TODAY 


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