Tooth Bridge It

Your DIY Temporary Tooth Replacement system

About Us

We have the intent and commitment to make available to the general public a system of tooth replacement—Tooth-Bridge-It©that is easy to use and at the same time most effective, efficient, esthetic and durable for long term use.  While we offer this system as an interim (temporary) method prior to a visit to the dentist, we wish to ensure the user the simplest but strongest replacement tooth—a real looking tooth that will adhere to your own teeth.

Our product is designed by a dental surgeon, well conceived and thought out, who has patents on a non-invasive new system of dental fixed bridgework within the profession of dentistry currently being used from Honolulu to New York, Toronto to Houston. The materials used in this kit are fundamentally the same that are used in the dental office and are certified safe for use in your mouth.  The tooth replacement—“pontic” as it is called professionally—may be used by your dentist as a final solution to your missing tooth or teeth once you visit him or her.  Ask the doctor about this possibility.

As we develop this health care product we will keep you in mind as to the best methods, safest materials, and ease of use.  Our future design is to offer multiple teeth that can easily replace several missing teeth.  Please join our network of people who are using our tooth replacement system—Tooth-Bridge-It©.

Please follow all instructions carefully for your safety and finest results.

We thank you for the opportunity to be of help and service in your time of need!